Are PC Gaming Glasses a Hoax?

gunnars gaming glasses

PC Gaming Glasses

A lot of people have been wondering if buying a set of gaming glasses is worth it. Will they improve your gaming performance and make you a better player? The short answer is probably not. They will marginally improve your viewing experience and will likely reduce eye strain. Furthermore they will up your nerdiness level by a multiple of 5 by extra geekifying you.

Science behind gaming glasses

Anti reflective glare technology. These glasses typically come with a coat of AR. The main thing you want to look for is a pair with a new high quality coating, as ones with older type coat will wear and smudge easily, actually increasing eye strain as a result. The worthwhile glasses have a new coat that is backed by a one year warranty. The coatings have really improved over the last few years, so make it a point to getting one of the latest pairs

Color tints. Usually a staple of gunners and xyz brand, color tints are a way manufactures tint their glasses. Yellow is the most common tint used. The tint increases the contrast of the screen reducing uncomfortable and harsh light spectrums. This assists the eye muscles in relaxing.

Will they work for you?

Computer glasses are something that should be considered on a case by case basis. You’ve heard all this before.. Everyone is different, everyone’s eyes are different blah blah.

If you aren’t experiencing any eye strain issues then you can stop here. This is one of those if it isn’t broke don’t fix it sort of things. However, if you are experiencing eye strain, a nice pair is worth looking into. Factor such as your daily computer usage time, visual genetics, viewing habits, and environmental conditions will effect how much a set of gaming glasses will help you.

There’s a few things to follow when purchasing a pair. The first thing is you want to find one that gives your vision a slight bump, which will make text and images on the screen appear slightly larger and clearer, allowing you to strain less. Secondly you AR coated lenses that I spoke about earlier. You also need to get a pair that has Transition lenses. These lenses adapt to changes in light so you will be setting your eyes up for success during the morning and night time hours when light is changing a lot. Also it won’t matter if you turn on and off lights.

If you wear glasses instead of contacts, or like to wear glasses from time to time to give your eyes a break from contacts, it may be worth seeing an optometrist about prescription computer glasses. Many optical shops issue 30 day refund periods so you can test them out for yourself and see if there’s an actual difference.


  • Prevent headaches
  • Reduce eye strain and blurry vision
  • Look like your from the future
  • Not only for use infront of computer screen, but phone and tablet screens as well
  • Increase contrast (arguably allows you to see more game detai

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