PC Gamer Chairs

office star air grid chairMost PC gamers are hardcore players who consequently spend much of their time in a chair. Even gamers who are more casual can end up spending 2 or more hours in a chair in one sitting. The fact is gamers spend a good portion of their free time gaming and that means their butt is parked in a chair for long periods of time. You should think about taking care of your back and body by purchasing at the bare minimum a decent computer chair. I searched the web a made a list of about 5 good computer chairs I also found a that has compiled a good list of PC gaming chairs. Also there’s a site that sells some really cool “racing” chairs but they are pretty expensive (around $400).

Really expensive office chairs can run upwards of $500. I think that’s a bit overboard to be spending on a chair. I found a few good options on office max and amazon for around $200. Basically you have to decide what type of chair you want. The size of the back piece of the chair, the material, the color, adjustment options, and price are all things you need to decide on.

A lot of people like leather and for the comfort it provides it are hard to beat. Leather also goes in office rooms and most other rooms pretty well. Real leather is going to cost more than most material but it is worth the price. Look at these options I found and let me know what you think. If there’s a cool chair you’ve found tell me about it in the comments section and I will add it to this list.

List of Computer Chairs

  1. Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair
  2. Office Star Professional Air Grid Chair
  3. Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Chair
  4. Executive Bonded Leather Chair

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