The Best Desk for PC Gamers

I’ve been through a couple Walmart desks in my day and let me tell you, I am tired of the flimsy things. I decided to shop around and do some research online for a good desk for gaming. When I came across the Atlantic Gaming Desk I was pleasantly surprised. It’s got a ton of positive reviews on Amazon. I ordered it, got it in a few days, put it together and now my gaming room feels a lot more complete. I mean this desk even has a cup holder and rack to hang your head phones. It cost me 149.00 dollars but I think the money was well spent. Here is what the desk looks like:

Atlantic-Gaming-Desk1As you can see, it has all these shelves and a game rack to fit all your stuff. The monitor shelve fits up to a 27 inch gaming monitor. It’s even got a little charging area for your phone or ipod. The spot below the desk is a place to put a power strip, then you can run all your cables to it to make things look neat and tidy. This is like the only desk that I think is actually a “gaming” desk. If you want to read more about computer desks that are designed for gaming click here because the site has a good overview of options.