Is there such a thing as a decent cheap gaming keyboard?

Deathstalker essential razer gaming keyboardSome of us are savers, some of us are on a tight budget, some like to stretch their dollars, others just don’t want to pay 120 for all those bells and whistles. Whatever the case, you want to see what your options are. In this article we cover the best cheap gaming keyboard options currently available.

Cheap and gaming are usually two words that are not used in association with one another. The fact of the matter is the gaming peripherals and accessories market is relatively new, albeit a rapidly growing one. The beefiest models haven’t had time to come all the way down in price yet. In a couple years, there will be many excellent cheap gaming keyboard options, but for now one must be careful in their selection. You don’t want to throw your money away into a keyboard that isn’t going to perform well and or break in a few months. Some of the cheap gaming keyboards are designed to look cool but that’s about it—they are plastic crap that you’d better off just to wait until you had another $30 and bought a mechanical keyboard. Nonetheless, all this being said there are a few good value priced keyboards out there.

What you do get for under $50

This doesn’t mean there are not a few well priced options currently residing in the market. We have rooted out some of the best cheap gaming keyboards and compiled them into this article. A lot of people wonder if they can get a mechanical gaming keyboard for under $50 dollars. The answer is, not yet. This is also the case for wireless keyboards if you’re into that.

The options under $50 are usually sporting rubber domes. Some of the technology behind these keys includes, tactile feedback, grip coat, enhanced durability, laser etched keys and low profile keys. A couple of these keyboards also have additional features such as programmable macro keys, backlighting, media controls, and anti-ghosting keys.

Many of the top manufacturers of gaming peripherals have barebones models of their most popular keyboards. It’s like getting a basic vehicle without all the bells and whistles such as heated seats and GPS and whatnot. They still get the job done, they just aren’t as pretty and don’t have as many features.

List of top 6 best Cheap Gaming Keyboards

  1. Qisan Judges Gaming Keyboard
  2. CM Storm Devastator
  3. Aula Illuminated Gaming Keyboard
  4. Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard
  5. Razer DeathStalker Essential Gaming Keyboard
  6. SteelSeries Raw Gaming Keyboard

So you’ve heard about 1440p and 4K monitors..

gaming monitorOne of the big new things have been the recent advancements in display technology. These advancements have ushered in two new resolutions: 1440p and 4K. Some people have already purchased one of these new monitors but many folks are still on the fence about whether or not the timing is right, or even if dropping that kind of cash is worth it. In this article we will answer both those questions and clear up some of the confusion surrounding these new monitor breeds. Also, here is a site that has regular updates of the latest stuff going on in 1440p monitors.

First things first. We are going to say here and now, it is definitely not worth buying a 4K monitor at this time. The main reason for this is that the technology is brand spanking new. Quite frankly, you will be paying a severe premium on a 4K monitor. Secondly, very few games are going to take advantage of 4K resolution, now and including the foreseeable future. The last reason is even if the game did support 4K, your going to need 2 titans to 3even run the damn thing. If your playing a competitive game you can forget about maintaining a nice fps rate.

Those who should buy 1440p

The prequisite here is that you’ll need a badass system hands down. The minimum specs you are going to need is xyz. Obviously if you don’t have a nice rig already going 1440p is an expensive endeavor. You are looking at a tall order between a new monitor and gaming PC. If you already have a nice rig, all you are looking at is the cost of the monitor.

As an aside your rig doesn’t matter nearly as much if you don’t care about maintaining a high fps rate. If you don’t play competitive games often then running lower frame rates isn’t a big deal. Though this is one of the chief reasons virtually all competitive gamers still use 1080p monitors, because they don’t want to sacrifice a shred of performance for a bit more visuals.

If you use your gaming Pc for a lot of work as well. The extra real estate is extremely conducive to working with multiple Windows. The crisp resolution makes font pleasing to read. Browsing, working with documents  and photos, is a real joy with 1440p.

Money isn’t an issue. Even the less expensive 1440p monitors are going to cost you an arm and a leg. But if you’re going to go 1440p you probably want to do it right and not half ass it. That means spending at least 500 for a good monitor.

People who shouldn’t go 1440p

You’re a hardcore competitive gamer. Even if you have a super beefy system, 1080p is still the best performance option. If you’re serious about competing at the very least you want a minimum consistent 60 fps. And that can be pretty dicey with running 1440p resolutions.

You don’t mind waiting about 6 months for the price to come down. If price is at all an issue, or say you already have a decent 1080p monitor and don’t mind waiting, the price will come down substantially over the next half year to a year. The technology is a new there is a bit of a premium for the first wave of buyers. If you don’t need the latest and greatest waiting to buy is a pragmatic decision. Although this is especially true with 4k monitors it still holds true with 1440p monitors.

If you mainly play older games, or games that just don’t support 1440p, you won’t benefit from upgrading. If you plan to play games that aren’t slated for 1440p support this is also a reason to not jump on the bandwagon.

As an update one of our favorite sites has a review article on the best 1440p gaming monitors.